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Schedule a Fun and Educational Field Trip

Field Trip and Group Outings

      Plan your next school field trip or group outing at the Bear Den Zoo. It has been a favorite of teachers and students for years.

It’s the perfect destination for all ages, from daycare tykes to High Schools and even Senior Centers, we can accommodate an educational and exciting experience for everyone.

Not only do we have farm animals, we also have a unique blend of exotic animals and native wildlife.

Your group will receive a guided tour through the zoo, and spend some time holding or petting some of our baby animals which can include chicks, bunnies, kittens or ducklings depending on the time of year.

Spring always bring a variety of newborns, but we always have adorable little somethings to cuddle.

To complete your day, we take a relaxing hayride through the lush woods, if your lucky, you may see some more wildlife out there! (the hayride is weather permitting).

You're welcome to bring your own lunch and enjoy our picnic area. We have picnic tables we can reserve for you and your group as well.

It will be a favorite destination for everyone.

We look forward to your visit. 





Group Rates

50 or more $9.00 per person

20 to 49 $10.00 per person

Under 20 guest, standard rates apply

During Fall season we offer pumpkins at $4.00 per person with a group reservation.

School Field trips and other group

hours are available

Monday through Friday

10:30am to 2:00pm

with a reservation.

Call 262-895-6430 or email us


to make a reservation.

Be Prepared to Explore with These Essentials

To make your trip even more enjoyable here are a few things we suggest bringing along

  • Water. On those very hot days we suggest putting the water bottle in a freezer the night before the field trip so it stay cool throughout the day.

  • Boots for those wet days. We do not suggest open toed shoes at any time. Our walkways are made of gravel, sand, grass. Appropriate walking shoes are always the best. 

  • Sunscreen for those who burn easily.

  • On cold days bring your hats, mittens and warm coat.

  • Pillow cases for pumpkins or anything that won't ripe while holding your pumpkin.

Welcome to Bear Den Zoo and Petting Farm! For over 35 years, we have been providing our animals with the best possible care and creating a safe, clean environment for families to come and enjoy. In addition to our petting and feeding areas, we offer a variety of activities including a gift shop full of unique souvenirs, a play area for kids, and even a hayride that shows off our beautiful grounds. Come visit us and make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

Experience the Magic of Animals Up Close

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